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About Me

I like to take photographs and my husband likes car parts.  He is happy that I can take photos and put them on a website.  This is a website about his favorite car parts and tools.  All of these pictures are copyrighted. 


I love to travel. I often travel between the living room and the kitchen.  Some people keep a log of their travels, I should keep a log of times I use the dishwasher.  My husband likes Chevrolet cars.  I don't think there are any Chevrolets that he does not like.  Personally, I think Chevrolet could have more interesting exterior paint colors.  

Check out this photo gallery to get a glimpse of his tools and car parts.  If they are on this site, he probably would like to sell them...unless he changes his mind. 


I am looking for my next big adventure. Maybe I can mow the lawn. Of course I can always fill the garbage can for the Garbage Celebration which occurs every Friday.  The whole neighborhood loves it.  It is more popular than a block party.  My husband would like more and different car parts and tools. 


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